Blank Pages and Fear

…The first sentence is always the hardest.

Type, erase, re-type…


A blank page is kind of like standing on the edge of a cliff (for lack of better dramatic effect). There’s all of the potential in the world and, yet, it can be paralyzing.

…but don’t you know the world is your oyster?

And this page is your land?

The first step is always the hardest,                                          
but first steps become easier as you take them.

I want to say that when it comes to fear, in all its variations, names, and volumes, we have two options: become its victim or make it ours. If we bow to fear, we risk paralyzation in the very moments that we were destined to walk forward into.

Today, we all have our fear [of the unknown, of missing the mark, of hurt, of rejection], but love will take you to the places that fear longs to keep you from if you’ll choose it [Him].

There’s a whole lot that could go wrong with a blank page, but there’s also a whole lot that could go right.

Go for it.

2 Timothy 1:7

1 John 4:18

Why I Write

Most of the time we write with purpose, we write with the end in mind. We know what we want to say and writing is figuring out how to say that thing that we want to say.

…but sometimes it’s good to start not knowing where you’ll end.

Life builds wells in our hearts and there comes a time for the water to be pulled out and brought to the surface. A blank page is an empty bucket on its way down… and if you wait long enough to find out what’s in you, words will begin to fill what’s empty and someday there might even be enough there to refresh someone else who’s thirsty.

Why do we write? We write to get whatever it is that’s inside of us out.

And so I write to remember

Not the days or the years

I write for the moments

To keep them from blending in with the rest.

The truth is that if you don’t tell your story, who will? And sometimes you won’t know your story until you sit down to tell it.

And so I write because sometimes I’m not sure what to say

and the best way to talk is to work it out on a page –

I write because it takes me somewhere. I write because it feels good to put my thoughts on paper. I write because it makes the hard things easier. I write because it makes the sad things sweeter.